Your local Medfield contractors over at Masters Touch Design Build are thrilled to have served this beautiful small town in Norfolk county for many years. Our neighbors have been a delight and pleasure to work with and we continue to build a great connection with Medfield and its population of 13,000 in near future.

Our Services:

Kitchen Remodeling

The Kitchen is one of the highest demand projects during the summer and if you are looking for an upgrade, Master’s Touch Design Build will be there to assist and create that dream idea into a reality. Feel free to get in touch with us at 508-359-5900 for a free estimate!

Bathroom Remodeling

Master’s Touch Design Build is the leading Bathroom contractors in Medfield for 20 years. We understand that people are looking for different solutions, that’s why we have built out a system for your bathroom remodeling project to help you get it done and on budget. Our showroom is only a step away from your desired Bathroom!

 Windows            Flooring                Painting


There are so many homes in Medfield with older siding that needs an upgrade. If your siding is looking old and worn down then you should contact Master’s Touch Design-build to get that job done for you. Our experienced team offers full design services, competitive pricing options, and quality installations that you will feel proud to come home to.

For more information about Master’s Touch Design Build please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 508-359-5900 or through our online contact form.