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Masters Touch is a Premier Design-Build Home Improvement and Remodeling Contractor in MAMasters Touch Design-Build is a systematic approach to construction where the client and the company hired to perform the work engage right from the very beginning – at the concept and design stage of the project.

The key elements to Masters Touch Design-Build are having the client establish a budget for the project right from the beginning and share that with their contractor, thereby having a high level of trust and an excellent working relationship between the client and the contractor right from the get-go.

Read on to learn more about why the Masters Touch Design-Build approach may be the best choice for your project.


Perhaps the most appealing and easy to recognize advantages Masters Touch Design-Build offers are the comfort and the convenience of one-stop shopping.

Masters Touch clients can count on our team to take full responsibility for:

  • Design construction and satisfactory completion
  • Delivering the project on time and on budget
  • Working in harmony with you, the client, to reduce stress
  • Being an idea factory for your dreams

This means greater efficiency, cooperation instead of tension, and a better value and finished project for the time and money invested.

Team Approach

When this team approach works well, it fosters an enjoyable and mutually beneficial way of doing business for the client and the Masters Touch Design-Build team of professionals.

As the design phase of the project evolves, a real comfort level grows as we get to know each other. This builds trust and mutual respect. One of our goals is to help you live through an ongoing project. It begins long before the initial demolition process begins.

These advantages are often removed or compromised if those involved, including the client, work separately from each other during the design and budgeting stage.

Cost Control

Trust is the key consideration.

Many projects fail miserably because of a lack of trust and understanding between the contractor and the client.
Assuming that a realistic budget is established and agreed upon prior to entering into a Design- Build agreement, the Masters Touch Design-Build team takes on the responsibility of protecting the budget as the design stage gets underway.

It’s critical that the scope of work is established at the beginning of the project; that the client understands that additions to work or changes to materials, however small and seemingly insignificant, will increase the price.

The Masters Touch Design-Build team will:

  • Make expert and professional recommendations
  • Recommend alternate design ideas that will help control the cost of the project
  • Partner with you in any ongoing decisions

The Masters Touch Design Build System offers unique cost control with design and construction expertise, as well as the company systems required thus anticipating what your project should cost.

By having this ability, professional fees such as engineering or surveying are kept to a minimum and they can be determined before the beginning of the design of the project. You will benefit because a guaranteed maximum price can be established as soon as the scope of the project is determined.

Quality Control

The Masters Touch Design-Build Team is dedicated to providing the highest quality work possible while respecting your budget.

We believe a team of designers, engineers, project managers, and master craftsmen should work in harmony and focus on the team goal of a great project with high quality that is done on time and on or below budget.

With the Masters Touch Design-Build system, the lines of communication are simplified and chances for misunderstandings are reduced.

The construction expertise of the contractor and the design expertise of the design professional are combined to produce a greater value for the owner than what might be realized if all parties were working independently.

Faster Time to Completion

Masters Touch Design-Build clients save time and reduce headaches by working with a single source for their project instead of separately with a contractor, an architect, a designer, an engineer, and subcontractors.

The result is the bidding period and redesign time are reduced or eliminated. Overall time to design and build the project is reduced because design and construction activities can overlap.

Also known as Fast Tracking, Masters Touch can proceed with early procurement of critical materials, and schedule labor and subcontractors well in advance of the project since we are already hired and working toward meeting your goals and deadlines.

Ultimately, this means the project can be scheduled to start and finish earlier, as long as the client approves all materials on time so orders can be placed well before items are needed for production.

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